Hi, I’m Ido. A 17 year old designer from Israel.

I create a connection between humans & products using design, emotions, and content.

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I help Startups grow with Human Driven Design.

I believe design is what differs great companies from big companies. Creating a sustainable but yet dynamic design is the best tool for companies and brands to grow.

I have experience both in marketing design and UI/UX. I use the knowledge I earned with this experience to design products from a marketing & sales perspective while understanding the users’ behavior & needs to create the best solution for them.

I like to say my “superpower” is asking the right questions. At the start of every project, I run an intensive Human Driven Design framework workshop. By the end of the workshop, both my team and the client’s team know exactly who our users are, how they behave online. and most importantly – how they make their decisions in life. Any decisions.

A product becomes a solution only when it’s designed perfectly & personally for the user’s problems, needs, habits, behavior, and decision-making process.

What the industry Says about me

Creating connections with amazing people is the best part of my job so I when they say all kind of nice things about me I get very proud. Thanks guys!

Average Response Time: 47min
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Sagi Shrieber

Founder at PixelPerfect
Ido is a true wonderkid that managed to build a strong personal brand and become a leading figure in the design industry, all while he’s going to high school. He has a unique perspective the makes him stand out as a designer and an entrepreneur.
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Eyal Rittberg

Founder at Finwiz

Ido’s team was flexible, super creative and had 24/7 service. They lead the creative process from beginning to end and delivered an outstanding outcome.

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Yehuda Gabizon

Founder at Remoterum

A rare combination of professionalism, creativity, and perfection, all while deeply understanding our needs. Ido and the team were always available and did an amazing job on a daily basis.

I guide entrepreneurs on their journey from an idea to an achievement.

Average Response Time: 47min