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My philosophy is connecting people to ideas that later become solutions.

A success story is a crazy idea someone took seriously. I make sure to develop as many crazy ideas as possible.

What makes a teenager start a design agency?

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How it all started

Growing up I only had one thing in mind: playing basketball, but that just wasn’t it. I started wandering around thinking I’ll never find my true passion. That’s when I discovered Photoshop class at my school. Creating something from blank got out the creative side I didn’t know I had before. While other kids couldn’t wait to get out of class, I started spending hours learning the basics of graphic design. So obviously when I someone asked me to design a logo for him, I said yes. That logo was really ugly, but for me, it was an epiphany, I had finally found my passion!

What brought me here

So like everything in life, I didn’t plan to design websites. So when I got an offer to design a website, obviously I said yes! By the time I’ve completed that ugly website, I had been in love with Elementor. designing the interface of a website was a lot more challenging than designing a logo. I wanted to be the best at designing websites and I started putting in the effort, and it worked! I got better and better. 2 years later, I decided I’m ready for the big boys’ league. I signed up for the “Elementor Showoff” design contest. I won second place! After the contest, everything started to happen really fast: I started running a Facebook community, teaching Elementor, and most importantly – opened my design studio – Win.

Ido is a true wonderkid that managed to build a strong personal brand and become a leading figure in the design industry, all while he’s going to high school. He has a unique perspective the makes him stand out as a designer and an entrepreneur.
Sagi Shrieber
founder at PixelPerfect
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My 12 Life values (Feel free to embrace)

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I create so much content it’s not even funny! You just need to choose the right way for you to consume it.
I create short videos on topics I deal with  daily. These videos allow me to take you deep into my work. In my channel, you’ll find practical content on sales, personal growth, design, mindset development, building websites, and much more.

I use Instagram to share content and ideas for fast learners like me. I express life lessons in the simplest, most practical way I can, cause I know creative minds don’t like to waste time. IG is the platform I use for what I call “24/7 content”.


Music is my secret passion. Since I was a little kid I loved listening to great artists express their emotions and experiences via lyrics and rhythms. I explore all kinds of music and put them in special playlists. I invite you to explore with me.

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